Tom Fretz Photography | Wakatobi 2011
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Diving Wakatobi in Northeast Sulweesi is a mecca for divers. With pristine reefs and great photo opportunities for macro subjects, it goes without saying that Wakatobi is truly a divers paradise.
I do need to say a work about the Pygmy Seahorses that I photographed at Wakatobi. These delicate creatures defy description. So that you have some scale of the size, 'Bargibant's pygmy Seahorse (Hippocampyus bargibanti) are only 3/4 of a inch in length at maturity. The Denise Pygmy Seahorse is even smaller.

Having taken two trips to Wakatobi, one only wants to return again. If only the photos could tell the whole story.
Dwarf HawkfishHippocampus bargibanti - Bargibants Pygmy SeahorsePygmy SeahorseFalse Clown AnemonefishPink AnemonefishFalse Clown AnemonefishBlue Ribbon EelPorcelain CrabStarfish CloseupChromodoris wallaniGills on Chromodoris wallaniChromodoris wallaniHypselododris bullockii

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